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September 3rd, 2010 (12:02 am)

current mood: ditzy

Bah, for some reason, I just can't get working on that personal statement for medical school... It's like, I have it all planned out, but it's not coming out of my head...

...I should just suck it up and write it, shouldn't I...

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Ack, back to work!


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Ever17... Spoilers up ahead!

August 3rd, 2010 (01:17 pm)

current mood: creative

So recently, I've been playing Ever17 on the PSP. Yes, you read that right -- not the computer, but the PSP. I really didn't like the English text translations, but more importantly, the PSP save data can be used to link the series together (series being Remember11, Never7, and MAYBE 12Riven).

For those not in the know, Ever17 is one of the most popular visual novels internationally, considering that it's one of the few that's actually been translated into multiple foreign languages. It's by Cyberfront, formerly Kid, and translated by Hirameki International, I believe. Premise? You choose between the POV of a college kid, Takeshi, and an amnesiac kid, appropriately nicknamed Kid (or Shounen) while they are trapped in an underwater amusement park with 4 other people. Of course, there's crap going on with outside forces (ie, water slowly seeping into the park, electricity outages), but then there's also a lot of conflict and interaction between the different characters. Depending on the choices you make, you get a different route, and there are several different endings. True to the way most v.novels work, most of these routes centers around one of the other girls (because Kid and Takeshi are the only guys in this whole mess).

OK! General stuff over! Time for spoilerifics =P This is just my ramble, so don't worry if you don't understand anything =P
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August 3rd, 2010 (12:23 pm)

current mood: creative

Woo! 7 months of no updates! =D


Summer was fun. At NYC and seeing the sights, buying the stuff, drinking the coffee, working at the lab, etc. Took the GREs, that went pretty well, although the final scores aren't out yet. Big things happened in the family with my sister and her bf, but we'll leave that for another time (or never).

Haven't played so many games, though I'm still writing for SE. Been more at reading. Bought a whole bunch of Japanese novels (light and not), and then there's also the English books. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series was really good. But currently working on Mana Khemia and Metroid Prime Trilogy occasionally.

Of course, my big project was Ever17 but I'll rant about that in another post.

What else... I've been writing more. Drew a map of the setting of SC. From reading the notes from way long ago, I remember I had a LOT more information than I thought I had. It was amusing, and sad that I forgot some of it (I never knew Hix had a dead uncle!). It's like that time when I was cleaning my computer and found a doc with names and characters and countries that I don't remember at all. The names weren't all too shabby either.

Um... Haven't posted here in a while, obviously, but I've actually started using my ff.net account now, so there's two stories on there: Watcher for Durarara!!, even though I started the story before I'd read any of the novels or watched more than 10 eps of the anime ( >_> ), and Self-Denial for Criminal Minds, one of the only 3 TV shows I look into regularly (the others being Firefly and Psych). It's interesting writing for an audience... You feel kinda nervous, but sometimes you just don't care and put up what you want. And then there are people who only alert/fave you (now I know why authors are annoyed by it =_=) without reviewing you, and then there are the YAY! reviews, and then there are the reviews offering to help. I haven't been flamed yet, but I suppose it's only a matter of time.

Things to improve about my writing and stories...? I need to remember to stop thinking about rewriting. Well, I am doing that, actually. I've only been taking notes on what to revise about Watcher rather than actually rewriting the 13 chapters (and there are a LOT of things to change, especially now that I've read vol.s 1-4). Otherwise... Look more into Norse Mythology for Watcher, and then be more subtle about everything. I feel like I'm beating the point in with a mallet in both pieces, but I'll leave this fault to be corrected in the revision.

I'm also going to try to write some reviews for old-ish stuff I play (not the things for SE) and movies and stuff I watch, and thoughts on them.

Oh, and I got a new computer. It's fast, and it's pretty, and it's BIG. Has a horrible battery life, and I hate Windows 7, but at least it doesn't take 30 min to start up appreciably. Ew.

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Careful What You Wish For

January 31st, 2010 (07:55 pm)

Mm, so, foreword... A fic that takes place before the Ten Years' Later era, in the original timeline. I do believe I'm taking great liberties because I, quite honestly, haven't seen/read all the chapters yet. Main characters are Mukuro and Tsuna. Any pairings? No idea as of yet.

Fic is written in 2nd person POV, with great liberties taken in grammar and italics, lol. Which reminds me. Those who know me (and usually only those people are on this site, le sigh) know that I generally use bold for emphasis. In this fic, though, I'm using italics, even when it will get confusing with thoughts, because those are in italics too. The main reason was simply because I needed two levels of highlighting... Sigh. Just a head's up.

Careful What You Wish For
Table of Contents

Chapter 01

Chapter 02

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Careful What You Wish For: Chapter 02

January 31st, 2010 (07:49 pm)
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And here's the second chapter, which came out only one day after the first one. Le sigh.

I'm also noticing I'm having trouble keeping people in-character, though not only with this fic. It's been like that for almost all my writing, starting with something my writing teacher pointed out late last year. Need to work on voice... Any comments on that front would be immensely helpful =)

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Careful What You Wish For: Chapter 01

January 31st, 2010 (07:43 pm)
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I confess. This plot bunny was THE most VICIOUS thing ever. I was just going about my business, and then all of a sudden... KWEHR(*$#@&SDKJFHKJSAD TYPE THIS TYPE THIS TYPE THIS...


Fun. Especially since, as people who've been reading this know, there are other fics that I'm still doing. Granted, Pokemon's a background thing, and Spirit Chronicles' a long-term project... But-but-but...!

So yeah, this fic, I just kind of went along with my thoughts, with minimal editing. I don't usually do 2nd person POV, but by gods, when I started writing in 3rd person, the bunny looked at it, frowned, and proceeded to rip the idea up to shreds and chuck the thing out the window before handing me (with a mad grin) the idea in 2nd person. I've always wanted to try writing something from this POV, but I had expected it to be something else first... I guess this fic beat that one online?

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Spirit Chronicles Novel

January 15th, 2010 (11:05 pm)

current mood: optimistic

Here lies the "Table of Contents" for Spirit Chronicles. Comment under the chapter, not here, please.

"Fragments" are basically short stories that I originally used as notes to keep track of story ideas. There are a few, however, that are "events that will never happen." Most of these focus on either character development or testing out a style or both, so the ending may be a bit open-ended. The Fragments are not in any order whatsoever. They are numbered by the order I wrote them, and as I will not be posting any Fragments with major, major spoilers, a few numbers will be skipped.

Also, about comments. Comments are very important for the writer, as they let us know that you're actually reading the thing. Otherwise we feel that everyone who comes is ignoring it.

And please remember to sign the comment. It's just nice to know who commented what, especially when most of the commenters thus far are friends =P

Spirit Chronicles
Table of Contents

Character listing

Materialization 000: A Tale from Before (2nd version)

Materialization 001: Just Another Job (3rd version)

Chapter 002~reunion and separation~

Chapter 003~departure and arrival~

Chapter 004~truth and beginning~

Fragment 002~Meeting~ (Kai, Cerberus)

Fragment 003~Crossing~ (Ratiel)

Fragment 006~Vow~ (Hageshi, Lan, Katheris)

Fragment 008~The Encounter that Never Happened~ (Hageshi, Zephiris)

Fragment 009~Dance~ (Kurehou)

Fragment 010~Clash~ (Ratiel, Karlo)

Read and enjoy!

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On the Start of a Whole New Journey

January 15th, 2010 (09:30 pm)

This is a Pokemon fic I've been thinking of writing for a while. Thus far, it's only a few bare bone ideas and whatnot, but I've started writing it already. Figured it'd be a "Ideas'll come as I write" kind of deal.

On the Start of a Whole New Journey
Table of Contents

Author's Notes Do read this first?

Prologue: Gone in the Blink of an Eye

Chapter 001: Off to a Great Start

Chapter 002: Are We Going Yet?

Chapter 003: Nice to Meet You

Chapter 004: Good to See You

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Spirit Chronicles: Materialization 000

January 15th, 2010 (12:05 pm)

A redo of the prologue. Yay, instead of talking about the old war, now it's about a creation myth!

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Pokemon fic: Chapter 004

January 14th, 2010 (03:38 am)

Wow, I don't think I've ever been this diligent with a fic before. Or with anything...

Granted, the mood was helped along with the sudden urge to play/finish Heart Gold Soul Silver, but still!

Oh, before I forget. Disclaimer to all the Pokedex entries - these were taken word for word from the Pokemon Yellow pokedex. Reference is Serebii.net. There was an entry in one of the previous chapters as well, but not really all that sure I mentioned that I didn't come up with these blurbs.

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